Eggspiration Date – The Book!

EggsbookEggspiration Date, the book was born from one women facing her 39th birthday, not ready to have a child, and the tough decisions she had to make in order preserve her fertility. Through witty conversations and heart-warming stories, hear about the fertility journey many women of advanced maternal age face. Eggspiration Date provides readers insight on fertility education for women of all ages, fertility supplements and vitamins, preparing for your first Fertility Center visit, how to discuss Fertility with your significant other, fertility procedure How-To’s, and much more.

Eggspiration Date, the book is not immediately available yet. In the meantime, enjoy some excerpts from the book in the audio files on this page. We hope that through our work on this book, our social media platform and our in person engagements, that we further educate women, change how girls are taught about fertility, and assist those using today’s technology to extend their fertility options tomorrow.