The Ten Commandments


As a young school girl, I attended our neighborhood Catholic grade school, Christ the King. From Kindergarten through 8th grade, the fundamentals of the Catholic faith were drilled into my head, and no tenant more than the Ten Commandments. I have not read, studied or seen any of the Commandments in literally decades, yet I can recite all ten as though I just learned them yesterday. I was taught that the 10 Commandments were the cornerstone of the Catholic faith and without following each rule, you were doomed for eternity.

Although I don’t practice that faith any longer, I have learned that if you wish to be successful at any huge undertaking, you have to determine what will your “Commandments” be for success. Commandments are protocols that will enhance your ability to achieve success and reduce your opportunity for error. As we experienced and studied fertility preservation, we noticed themes that were repeated over and over and realized that through these themes were the fundamental rules to maintain fertility. The Eggspiration Date 10 Commandments for Fertility are the guidelines that, if followed, will help you maintain your fertility as long as humanly possible so that regardless of whatever personal decisions you make for yourself, your body will be ready to have a baby when and if you decide you are ready to.

I Commandment

Thou shall accept your limited reproductive life span

II Commandment

Thou shall have faith

III Commandment

Thou shalt understand thy menstrual cycle

IV Commandment

Thou shalt accept that delaying to start a family comes at a price

V Commandment

Thou shalt have your fertility assessed by the age of 30

VI Commandment

Thou shalt research the positive effects of vitamins and supplements

VII Commandment

Thou shalt stay abreast of technological advances

VIII Commandment

Thou shalt read & understand thy insurance policy and fertility benefits

IX Commandment

Thou shalt get over your fear of needles

X Commandment

Thou shalt not forget that fertility affects you as well as your partner

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