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Eggspiration Date prides itself with eggducating girls and women about their fertility, reproductive life span and overall health. To further this premise send any questions that you may have and one of your Girlfriends will answer you within 2 days. We simply need 1.) A title for your question, 2.) Your email address (which will not show on our website), and 3.) Your question and we will respond with our well researched advice and opinion.

Not sure how to administer a fertility injection? We’ll walk you through the process, share tips for ensuring that the medications are absorbed and tolerated as well as possible and even send video when available.

Not sure what your lab results mean or if you should be concerned? No problem! We’ll help you understand what the labs mean, provide a standard form for you to document all interactions with your physician and their staff, and even provide additional questions for you to ask your healthcare provider to ensure that your understand next steps.

Considering egg freezing and you want to understand if your insurance will cover the procedure? We can help! We’ll provide you with an overview of questions to ask your insurance carrier to get the best coverage possible.

We are here to eggducate women of all ages and are excited to provide you with as much information as possible. Remember, your email address will not show on the website, only your question and our answer so don’t hesitate to send in your questions now – Your Girlfriends are here to help!

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